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Student Achievements

Mr. Nischay Sharma (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2012-2015) played for the SIU squash team at the All India University Squash Championship 2014 held at Mumbai in January.

Mr. Shivam Pathak and Ms. Paridhi Jain (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-2014) were selected for the Gandhi Fellowship Programme.

Ms. Aishwarya Ketkar (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-2014) was accepted at Boston University for MS in Mathematical Finance

Ms. Pulkita Vaish and Mr. Sujeet Kumar Singh (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2012-2015) from were appointed as AC Nielsen Campus Ambassadors.

Mr. Pulkit Ghai (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-2014) wrote a book titled ‘The Dwelling Mind’

Ms. Shreya Sethi (M.Sc. Economics, Batch 2012-2014) co-authored a book with Mr. Craig Dominic Pinto titled “I Wrote This”. Synopsis and cover page of the same can be found below:

I Wrote This – Shreya Sethi and Craig Dominic Pinto

This world has no ends to begin with; however something once upon a time started it all. That something was I. Enveloping the realms of common sense and sense common to some, this book seeks to awaken the “I” in you. What once found its way in the tattered pages of old journals now turns to face the world. In this mechanical era, where most people can’t find themselves in their own reflection; starving for an answer. It is for them to discover how an idea can set them free. I am what brought two strangers to narrate one story; it is a journey I wanted them to be a part of.

Mr. Atul Singh (M.Sc. Economics, Batch 2011-2013) has several achievements in his name:

  • He interned with the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Counsel
  • He has worked as a Research Intern at Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (Apeda), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.
  • He went on to present various papers:
    • “Two Decades of India’s Economic Reform: Assessment” at National Conference on “Reviving Growth Strategies for India” at Christ University, Bangalore on 15th -16th December 2012.
    • “Rising Inequalities and Regional Disparity in India: Issues and Challenges” at OECD-Universities Joint Conference to be held at OECD Headquarters, Paris on 3rd -5th July 2013.
    • He jointly worked with Sabina Alkire, Director, University of Oxford, UK titled “Trends in India’s Multidimensional Poverty across States: Policy Analysis” Forthcoming Working Paper Series of Oxford University.
    • One of his papers got accepted at IIM Indore’s International Conference on Education and Research

Ms. Saloni Srivastava’s (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2010-2013) paper on “Applied Game Theory in Product Differentiation – Case of Store Brands vs National Brands” got selected for the “European Journal of Operations Research”.

3 Short stories by Mr. Nirupama Sudarsh (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-2014) got published in various literary magazines this year.

Mr. Soumya Guha (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-2014) won the 1st position in group discussion event in BMCC’s fest Troika and his named was mentioned in the report prepared under The R.K. Laxman chair Initiatives, of the RTI workshop.

Mr. Shiva Saran (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2010-2013) was selected as:

  • Speaker of the Lok Sabha (vice president of India) at Symbhav Mock Indian Parliament 2013,
  • Chairperson of the General Assembly at the Manipal MUN organized by Manipal University,
  • Vice President Security Council at NLSMUN 2012 organized by National Law School, Bangalore.

Ms. Anchal Madnani and Mr. Aman Rai (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-2014) won the 1st position in Symbiosis Stock Exchange event organized by Symbiosis School of Banking Management in SYNOPIA 2013.

Mr. Abhay Krishnan (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-2014) completed the Basic Mountaineer Course (BMC-289). Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and was awarded, with an ‘A’ Grade. He also completed Basic Snow Skiing Course by the Indian Institute Of Skiing and Mountaineering in Gulmarg, J&K. He was awarded an ‘A’ grade for this too.

Ms. Divya Tejwani (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2010-2013) successfully completed the New York salsa certification course at Mrudang Academy for Excellence in Creative Arts, Pune (MAECA )

Ms. Swapna Joshi (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-2014) participated in the National Level Debate Competition – “UDBHAV” conducted by G.B Pant University of agriculture and technology, Uttarakhand and was awarded best speaker of the session.

Mr. Souradeep Ghosh’s (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2010-2013) photo got selected as honorable mention in a photo contest for the theme Nature. More than 4500 photos were submitted from all around the globe.

Mr. Shariq Sabah (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2012-2015) is all set to publish a poetry book titled The Subdued Sound. The book was released on the 25th of March, 2013 by Rochak Publishers.

Mr. Mandar Phatak (M.Sc. Economics, Batch 2012-2014) went to Warsaw University for a Semester Study for M Sc II.

Ms. Ipshita Rana (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-2014) and Mr. Zeeshan Quader (Batch 2011-2014) visited LSE to attend a Summer School Programme.

Mr. Sai Anurag (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2010-2013) represented SSE at the South Asia Economics Students Meet (SAESM) 2012 held at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Ms. Prerana Deshpande (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2010-2013) was selected for an international summer school programme at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in June 2012. She was awarded an overall A grade.

Laissez Faire (2012-13) was successfully organised by Mr. Varun Rao (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2011-14) and Ms. Devika Rajeev (B.Sc (Economics), Batch 2010-13)