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Student Council Members of B.Sc. (2015-16)

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Student Council Members of B.Sc. (2015-16)

As we turn 18 and leave school, the command our teachers and parents tend to have on us starts to diminish. What we desire at this stage is a student-friendly yet morally correct body of representatives that would chart the right course yet have fun – frolic activities that keep the students on their toes through the academic year. The student council of SSE embodies exactly these characteristics – it builds a bridge between the students and teachers.

The student council takes up initiatives like putting together an entire day of dance and music to putting together an Economic festival with keynote speakers and activities like debates and panel discussions. Diverse and talented indeed, it is also the endeavour of the student council to maintain discipline and uphold the decorum standards set by the college. All in all, with student representatives from the fields of sports and dance to the fields of writing and arguing, the student council strives to bring success every step of the way!

Position Name
General Secretary (TY) Devangana Rashtrawar
Assistant General Secretary (TY) Ishani Banerjee
General Secretary (SY) Aakanksha Chandra
Assistant General Secretary (SY) Shounak Anil Pethe
Club Heads
Arthniti (Econ + Writing Club) Tania & Sakshi Puri
DebSoc (Debating Society) Aishwarya Narayan
Epilogue (Literary Club) Aindrila Chakraborty
Film Society Riddho Roy
Fitness Club Zahan Sen
Food Club Amit Pant
Kalakriti (Art Club) Ria Agarwal
Samarpan (Social Work) Manjari Balu
IT Club Samvedh Ammisetti
Sabujayan Club Roopali Tangri
InSync (Dance Club) Priyanka Jhunjhunwala
Investor’s Club Mayank Upadhyay
MUN Club Rahul Gupta
Pic-Click (Photography Club) Kalyani Saxena
Raaga (Music Club) Swarnabha Gupta
SSE Rangers (Trekking Club) Ravi Ankush
Streetlights (Theatre Club) Shalika Agarwal
Student Research Cell Anuj Godhani
E-Cell Gaurav Mukhi
Class Representatives
TY A Arshaan Furniturewalla
Debadrita Gupta
TY B Venkat Ellendula
Debadrita Gupta
TY C Sourya Mookerjee
Vishi Gupta
SY A Anushka Bafana
Inderjeet Singh
SY B Samvedh Ammisetti
Saniya Aniruddha Puranik
SY C Raghav Mehra
Amiya Kane
FY A Anuja Ray
Anannya Musib
FY B Rohan Desai
Madhurima Tripatdi
FY C Spandan Bose
Simran tdadani