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Equilibria: SSE’s Annual Festival

The name Equilibria holds great value to us SSEians as it falls in line with Symbiosis School of Economics’ motto, “Creating Equilibrium”, and also with our strong academic beliefs as economists. As the name suggests it is therefore the perfect fest to attend imbibing cultural, social, physical and intellectual aspects, all under one umbrella giving a competitive platform to participants to showcase their talents and excel. Like all preceding college festivals at Symbiosis School of Economics, students from all around Pune and beyond will get an opportunity to be a part of all fests under Equilibria: Cultural Fest, Social Fest, EQ MUN, and Sports Fest.

Official Equilibria website: www.eqsse.com

Dates: 3rd and 4th February

EQ MUN, like all the previous editions of SSE MUNs, provides students with a penchant for diplomacy and public speaking along with a platform to step into the shoes of representatives of various countries and simulate typical United Nations Committees to address pressing global issues. Besides helping the student delegates to better their public-speaking skills and creative-thinking, MUNs also provide students a taste of real-life international geopolitics and international relations.

EQ MUN 2018 will be simulating conventional UN Committees like United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), United Nations Security Council (UNSC), and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which would seek to solve issues of piracy in international waters, the situation in Baluchistan and nuclear waste management. Baring these, we will simulate an intriguing unconventional committee- The Catalan Parliament, seeking to address the question of independence of Catalonia from Spain.

EQ Cultural Fest
Dates: 9th, 10th and 11th February

The theme of Equilibria’s Cultural festival is Vintage - good ol’ days. With the right mix of rustic vibes and vintage pastel colours, we will have the perfect aura to relive and enjoy the times we millennials missed out on, giving our entire campus a reminiscing environment for artists to showcase their talents.

Uniqueness and finesse are two words that perfectly define the competitions at Equilibria. With a plethora of events ranging from hard core economic events like academic paper writing to informal events like Hog- a-thon, Equilibria aims to garner an estimated crowd of over 5000 students this year. Catering to the creative minds and artistic souls, we have room for each and everyone in this fun filled fest.

EQ Social Fest
Dates:11th February

Every year as part of our Annual Fest, Symbiosis School of Economics organises a Social Fest wherein pressing social issues are addressed. This year we wish to take up less spoken issues of Sexism, Racism, Body shamming, Depression (Mental Health awareness), Racism and Discrimination.

Our motto this year is “Acceptance”, and hence the name Swikar: Love the Difference. Here we accept, embrace and love our differences because together we're stronger! Swikar'18 has several events, where each of it is intentionally designed to combat one or more of the aforementioned social issues. These events are further classified into main events and side events.

EQ Sports Fest
Dates: 16th, 17th and 18th February

As a college which tends to possess talented, fit and achieving athletes, Symbiosis School of Economics has rebranded its sports fest with a bold new vision- ‘Ad eSSE Optimum’, which translates to, ‘To Be The Best’. The Sports Fest will be a rendezvous for all dedicated sports-persons and sport-lovers to put their skills to the test by competing in an array of innovative events.

The Sports Fest consists of a number of competitions for sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball and Volleyball with attractive cash prizes. Besides the set of conventional events, there will be an array of unconventional pre-fest events including Remote Controlled Car Racing, Obstacle Course and 3-a-side Football to harbour the excitement levels of all sports lovers!