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MSc. Student Council (Core Council)

S. No.

Self Introduction





Live and Let Live.


Mayukh Sen


A travel enthusiast and a trekker at
heart which has enabled me to
become a multitasker and a
team leader in making who
likes to explore and work
on new challenges and inculcate
the same spirit in others
through work.

General Secretary

Soumyadip Pal


A fun-loving individual with
the zeal of working towards the
betterment of herself and others.
An innovative mindset and a
constant seeking spirit to develop
interpersonal relationships through Creativity
and Art. I always believe
that Teamwork is the most important
key to achieve any task effortlessly
and efficiently

Cultural Secretary

Sunipa Dey


Being able to live across the country,
I am very appreciative of the diverse
cultures and the things we can
learn from our surroundings. I
am an avid reader with a passion for
sustainable finance. During my
free time you can find me
appreciating good movies and music.

Assistant General Secretary

Ritu Jha


I am very passionate about performing arts.
I have been learning Bharatnatyam
for the past 13 years which has
helped me gain knowledge of Dance,
Music, Sculptures, Mythology as well as
Indian Literature. My hobbies also include
reading books and learning new languages.
My mantra for life is: you won’t get much
done if you only grind on the
days you feel good.

Assistant Cultural Secretary

Mrunmayee Thatte

M.Sc. Student Council (Club Heads)

S. No.

Self Introduction

Club Name




I’m very passionate about development
and women studies. I like
reading and painting in my free time.
I like singing although I’m terrible at it.


Niharika Gupta


I'm a bookworm with a passion
for research in international
development and trade. I'm
also the Founder-President of
the Symbiosis Centre for European
Studies Student Think Tank.

Book Club

Nidhi Menon


I have always been intrigued
with how startup’s work, how
they support one’s growth and
how they can teach a
way towards life. Thus I
hope to provide a path towards one’s
dreams and life they want to live.


Udbhav Meghlan


A zealous learner with a
passion for reading. I’m a
feminist and a surrealist. For me,
it’s either my books or my Netflix.


Himani Himmatramka


I'm the kind of person who loves
to express through dance and get
away from all the tension around.
Dancing always helps me stay focused
and motivated and has inspired
me to do more of what I want. Apart
from being a dancer I'm a bibliophile.


Snigdha Senapati


A finance enthusiast motivated to
broaden my perspective on
the dynamic world of finance and
to tap into the prospects arising
from this field. My internships with
Reserve Bank of India, Ernst and
Young and Cochin Stock Brokers
are testimonials to that.

Investors Club

Reah Grace Mathew


I believe that every art has
a story behind it, and
that creativity is what makes
ordinary moments special. With
this belief, I aim to make the
best out of every moment. It is
looking at things from different
viewpoints that make my art different
and meaningful.


Ria Jain


A passionate traveller and photographer
who believes in Seizing Infinity.
Along with photography, I love
playing guitar and making covers.


Apurva Shinde


A calm reader who loves reading
non fiction, autobiographies and
watching documentaries instead of
movies. A lover of music and a
passionate keyboard player.

Quiz Club

Pushkar Risbud


A music enthusiastic person who
believes that music is a language
that connects and hits differently.
Have participated in various musical
events since childhood and want to
explore all the hidden talents at SSE.


Shruti Chaturvedi


I started travelling at a very
young age and soon travelling was
accompanied by hikes and treks. I
believe in the concept of giving
back to our nature and society.
Along with trekking my other hobbies
are dancing and cooking.


Mrunmayee Bapat


I am a gender and development enthusiast
who is currently the Vice President
of the European Horizons chapter in Symbiosis
International University. I am a
trained classical dancer and when I'm
not stressing over assignments you
can find me reading in a corner

Student Research Cell

Tara Mohandas


A people-person who is self-motivated
and always up for a conversation.
My taste in movies and music makes
me a lover of the 90s. I
also vlog during my free time.

TEDx Club

Lizbeth Godwin


A Professional Market Analyst with
a wide range from Equity to Currency
In the Age of Bull and Bear let's
Put the Market Ahead Best Portfolio Manager
@ WallStreet Advisory Youngest Speaker
@ PLF 2018 IIM- B Eximus

The Stock Market Club

Sharvil Sharma


Dream for it, work harder
and achieve it!

Streetlights’ Club

D Anne Silvia